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Penn State-Florida Game 2011

In search of anyone that can provide any bit of information in search of someone at the 2011 Outback Bowl…with information concerning a harsh law enforcement situation where a Penn State fan and Florida fan were forcefully escorted out by law enforcement. Picture,¬†anonymous video, statement…anything will do!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!


2011 Outback Bowl Arrest/Abuse

If you or someone you know attended the 2011 Outback Bowl January 1st in Tampa Florida at the Raymond James Stadium and witnessed the ejection and subsequent situation where police officers harshly removed and arrested a Penn State Nittany Lions fan and University of Florida Gators fan from section 311/312 please contact us with your story, pictures, or video. Please contact us at helpusstopbrutality@gmail.com with any information you can provide.